A fun way to teach and learn geography! USA Map and World Map combo pack has 25 of each map, for a total of 50 maps.

Brand: Klean Kids
Distributor: HomeWorthy

SKU: 853162008205
Size: 12cm x 18cm (LxW)

Product Description

-CLEAN SURFACE that can be used when traveling, on an airplane, at home, at restaurants and anywhere on the go!

-FEATURES 2 INNER MAP PACKS that are easy to grab-and-go. Stash them in your glove box or diaper bag! (25 World, 25 US)

-TOXIN-FREE PLASTIC that is free of BPA and PVC.

-EDUCATIONAL DESIGN provides a fun way for children and adults to become more familiar with geography!

Product Features

Color White
Size Big
Weight 130 lbs