This Heavy Duty flyswatter 3-pack features detachable dust pans for sanitary bug cleanup. Stop touching dead bugs or wasting tissues to clean up after a good swat! Available exclusively on 

Swat and Sweep Flyswatters feature:

  • QUALITY BUILT TO LAST – The thick and durable plastic handles will not snap under pressure and don’t flip-flop around when swatting.
  • GERM-FREE CLEANUP – Sweeper bristles help you easily sweep up a dead insect into the detachable dust pan for efficiency and convenience.
  • SANITARY STORAGE – The dust pan clips on flyswatter for storage, providing a protective cover that prevents bug guts from dirtying surfaces
  • 3-PACK OF VIBRANT COLORS – Locate your fly swatter quickly with a tasteful multicolor pack of green, blue and orange in a cute leaf design.
  • CONVENIENT HANGING HANDLE -The Swat-and-Sweep has an extra large hanging hole, making it easy to fit and quickly grab from hooks of all sizes.